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The example below is not 'live' and is for demonstration purposes only. All respects go to Professor Dawkins and the great work he does.

Is this what Professor Dawkins had in mind?

In his essay, Atheists for Jesus, [The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever, Christopher Hitchens] Richard Dawkins says:

Humans undoubtedly have a strong tendency to learn from and copy admired role models. Under propitious circumstances, the epidemiological consequences can be dramatic. The hairstyle of a footballer, the dress sense of a singer, the speech mannerisms of a game show host, such trivial idiosyncrasies can spread through a susceptible age cohort like a virus.

The advertising industry is professionally dedicated to the science—or it may be an art—of launching memetic epidemics and nurturing their spread. Christianity itself was spread by the equivalents of such techniques, originally by St. Paul and later by priests and missionaries who systematically set out to increase the numbers of converts in what turned out to be exponential growth. Could we achieve exponential amplification of the numbers of super nice people.

We are looking for a susceptible cohort to infect.

Suzze Osmond Ex-Christian is our effort to create [the first?] Popular, Atheist, Heroine -- to take Dawkins, and Hitchens, and Harris, et. al and make them, make it -- FUN. 

And if by doing so we can open non-belief, and humanism, and secularism to a new audience, or present the message as one woman's journey of self-discovery that just might infect a heretofore untouched cohort with the idea that non-belief can be a better way of life, then we have followed in their laudable footsteps and perhaps added to their work in some small way.

Whether we succeed or fail in our mission, we hope you'll agree that Suzze Osmond is a whole lot of fun.

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Purchase an Amazon Kindle Edition of Episodes 1-2-3 of Suzze Osmond, Ex-Christian for the regular price of $4.99 using the Link and Promo Code below and we will donate 100% of our income (about $3.50) to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. We hope you enjoy Suzze's adventures in The War Between the Christians and the Atheists. If so, please tell your friends.

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Suzze Osmond Ex-Christian
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Move Over Jesus, There's a New Girl in Town
Fiction  |  348 'Print' Pages
Picaresque Humor, Satire, Magical Realism
Strong Female Lead
Audience: Artists, Atheists, Humanists, Freethinkers
Episodes 1, 2, 3

We hope you enjoy Suzze, and remember  . . .


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